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My properties in Florida have been managed by M&M Realty Services Property Management and personally by Mr. Angel Gonzalez. He and his team has proved to me all the time they have a great knowledge in the field of Real Estate but not only that also they are extremely responsible and HONEST. This is something very important specially for a person like me, living far away (Canada) and having my properties in a good care. I have also referred several friends to this company and all of them have also bought properties and are very impressed with the quality of work and the human approach these people have. They just think like you, what they do is to help you NOT to rip you off.  I do strongly recommend this company to any person who wants to feel safe and sure about his/her Real Estate investment. This company offer reliability, honesty, knowledge and professionalism. Anyone who reads this and wants more information, please feel free to contact me personally.
Thank you.
Alfredo Garcia
Toronto, CANADA. 


For those who own rental properties in USA and live in other countries (for me it is Canada), this business is very challenging. Foreign owners cannot see the properties or cannot be there for any urgent matters. We solely rely on the property manager and his/her professional team. For me -as a foreign investor-, a good property management company (at least) must have the following requirements: • The property manager must understand and recognize a foreign investor’s expectations and have a strategy to comply with these expectations. • The property manager must have excellent communication skills and distribute all necessary information accurately at the right time to the home owner. • The property manager must be dependable, reliable and trustworthy. • The property manager must always have a positive attitude. The property manager should do his/her utmost to ensure that the clients’ relationship with them is a long and satisfying one. • The property manager should commit to provide the best possible service and value his/her clients’ business. The property manager should save client’s money. I hired M&M Realty in late 2012 to give them a chance to accomplish the above mentioned challenging requirements. Let me take this opportunity to tell you how things are working out: M&M has been doing a very good job so far! I am very pleased with the quality of service M&M Realty has been providing. I sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct the business. I have recommended M&M Realty to others because of my satisfaction with their service. I look forward to doing business with them for years to come! Seckin 


I wasn’t sure if I wanted a property manager thinking they were too expensive. However, after dealing with tenant headaches for far too long, I gave M & M a try. First, they weren’t expensive. Second, I literally have to do NOTHING with my rental units besides wait for my rent to hit the bank account. No more headaches. What else could you ask for? They are great. I highly recommend them.

Jake Spanberger


I have been dealing with this company for over 3 years now. The three words I would use to describe them would be these ones: HONESTY, RESULTS and PROFESSIONALISM, just like that with Capital Letters. They work and in the reality are an excellent team which works as a family and also make you feel as part of their family. I have recommended several friends to use they services and they all feel exactly the same way as I do. This company can be TRUSTED from the beginning, all the way, and that is something difficult to find these days.

Alfredo Garcia Proveyer


Excellent teamwork and positive attitudes make M & M a solid organization that you can count on and trust all the way around. I have been in the real estate business myself for over 26 years and I would recommend them to anyone.

Don Mondani